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Warriors of the Heart.

A 5Rhythms ongoing journey in 4 parts with Heartbeat™.

Spring & Summer 2019 with Neil pinnock

“Do you have the discipline to be a free spirit?” Gabrielle-Roth

It is time for us to come together as a Tribe. It is time for us to make a stand for the Heart, to find our authentic and liberated power. Gabrielle Roth, the Urban Shaman and creator of the 5Rhythms practice, left us 5 Shamanic tasks on our path to becoming a Free Spirit; The Power of Being, The Power of Loving, The Power of Knowing, The Power of Seeing and the Power of Healing.

This ongoing journey will employ 5Rhythms Dance, Shamanic techniques and Rituals of Renewal to deepen the connection to yourself, your heart, your purpose and to your community in these collective times we live in.

This closed group takes place over four residential weekends at the

wonderful woodland retreat of Wildways in Shropshire.

You will need to commit to the whole journey.

Part 1. Action  - Friday 5th - Sunday 7th April

Part 2. Freedom -  Friday 3rd - Monday 6th May

Part 3. Vision - Friday 31st May - Sunday June 2nd

Part 4.  Purpose - Friday 5th - Sunday 7th July

Investment & Booking

Early Bird full price £670. Pay in full by February 5th

Early bird instalments, £695.

Pay £195 by February 5th and two more payments of £250

Standard full price £695. Pay in full after February 5th

Standard instalments, £725.

Pay £195 after February 5th and two more payments of £265

*A non refundable deposit of £195 will secure your place in the group. Remaining fee can be paid in two instalments.

There will be a bursary place available at a cost of £500 for somebody with limited means. Applications only

Booking for tribe - CLICK HERE

Payment for this event includes all workshops, communal accommodation or camping and onsite facilities at Wildways. Participants will bring and share food as we connect and create our community.

Warriors of the heart

Many of us experience a heavy heart, shaped by conventions, personal history and societal norms, we often carry emotional baggage and are either lost or fear to be truly ourselves. We live in a world where we hide our vulnerability beneath a false bravado, create defensive armour to protect our tenderness and struggle to express our pain, sorrow and joy. Our emotions are often suppressed, shut down or denied resulting in a lack of access to our essential energy, our innate spontaneity and our divine authenticity.

In the Heartbeat Map of the 5Rhythms we open to our depth of feeling and learn to be more present in the shifting emotions of the human heart. Like a Warrior, we learn to stalk and track the shadow territories, hunt out the old patterns that hold us back and welcome the presence and movement of feelings that will enliven our very being. We call on courage to guide us through fear, anger to be more clear. Willing to surrender to sadness and open to the love in our hearts, we welcome the joy and gratitude that connects us to all of life. To be a Warrior of the Heart one has to be light hearted. It is our gentleness that is our greatest strength and our awareness that leads to wisdom. Warriors of the heart have passion and purpose, tenderness and truth, forgiveness and fulfilment. They weave compassion through their lives and follow the unknown adventure into the midst of the mystery, willing to experience it all.

Warriors of the heart are truly alive.

Booking for tribe - CLICK HERE

Click here > TRIBE!.pdf < to download information

Sunday, 3 February 2019 from 13:30-19:00

Church of The Ascension Church Hall Pineapple Grove,

Stirchley. Birmingham. B30 2TJ

Following the heart is a great act of courage.

Fear is a shadow that holds us back and limits our experience. By bravely entering into and investigating this emotional territory through the Heartbeat maps of the 5Rhythms, we can discover and liberate lost and stuck energy and find renewed vigor for our lives.

Neil Pinnock will be your guide.

He trained 5Rhythms in 2007 with Gabrielle Roth and has been dancing for nearly 20 years. Neil offers his depth of experience locally and internationally at Heartbeat and Waves level events.

Prices: £35 before Jan 5th 2019

£40 after, £45 on the door.

Booking here

Earth, Sea and Sky

5Rhythms Waves workshop in Greece

14th – 21st  August 2019


Join us on this workshop in the Greek sunshine. We will celebrate life and the body through the 5Rhythms dance & community living.Earth, Sea & Sky is a week of dance and exploration; an invitation to discover who we are when we are willing to turn up and participate in life and with each other.  When we take time out for ourselves we are able to tune in to our energy and the deeper rhythms of whom we are. When we come together to share in community, we see ourselves in the reflections of others and find our place. When we open to the magnificence of nature in its vast array of sky, sun and ocean, we know we are all deeply connected.

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